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Family Business Resource’s mission is to empower family-owned businesses and their advisors to be better prepared to preserve the family and the business.

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Knowing and implementing the best practices in your industry helps to strengthen your business in the marketplace.

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Family Issues

Managing family relationships in a business environment is critical to the success of a family business.

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Ownership Issues

Focusing on solid ownership principles will help ensure that owner's expectations are met.

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Family business owners make business decisions each day. These owners tend to be entrepreneurial in nature. They are willing to take risk, want the ability to control their own destiny and like the ability to reap the benefits of their hard work. Making good business decisions should be easy…but guess what, there is a reason that not everybody owns their own business! It requires decisions about finances, marketing, personnel, public relations, inventory, etc. One tends to wear many hats.

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As a family-business owner, likely you see many dynamics involved with family members in the business. From our perspective, we see multiple issues that business owners must deal with when considering how to handle family members as they contemplate a succession plan for the business. Just know…you are not alone. Keeping family issues separate from Business issues may not be completely possible, but a lot can be done to deal with the issues and fully communicate to all parties involved, as well as allow them to embrace the decisions on how to move forward.

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Ownership by Alan Campbell

Every owner of a business has the absolute right to seek his or her own model for personal wealth and well-being. In other words, what’s in it for me? Likely, you have spent years building this business, or maybe were fortunate enough to have it passed to you and you have generated growth, new directions or new products and services. One of the areas we consistently focus on is “What is your succession plan?”

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